Q: How are Wow Flowers made?

A: We 3D print them in our small studio in Sydney, Australia. We use a material called PLA, or poly(lactic) acid, which is a bioplastic derived from corn. 

Q: Are your products environmentally friendly?

  • Our products are made from corn, not petroleum. Additionally, they are recyclable and industrially compostable.
  • We use 100% green electricity to run our printers.
  • Through our filament supplier, we plant a tree per spool of filament we use.
  • Our printed materials are made from recycled and FSC certified paper using a Risograph process utilising soy based inks and stencils made from banana leaves. Thanks Pinch Press!
  • Our shipping boxes are all cardboard, and our filling material is brown kraft paper.
  • Finally, we designed Wow Flowers to last a long time. The longer you keep them, the smaller their carbon footprint relative to their useful (and beautiful) life. 

Q: How to look after my Wow Flowers?

A: It's important to note that they are not a toy, and like real flowers are delicate and should be treated with care.