Missy Dempsey & Joshua Flowers of Wow Mountain - 3D Printed Flowers

Wow Mountain is Missy and Josh ✨ 

Missy is a graphic designer and cute thing enthusiast. Josh is an industrial designer and 3d printing enthusiast. 

We're passionate about designing and making unique, mini plant sculptures, especially for those living in homes without much natural light or room for a garden. 

We invite you to bring a little piece of Wow Mountain home with you. Joy guaranteed 🏔 

The Wow Process

Did you know? It takes up to 10 hours to print a single Wow Flower!

We design and make everything in-house with our small 3D printing farm. After printing, we inspect for quality, hand process, assemble and pack your Wows to be delivered to your door. 

Wow Mountain - How it's made

You can check out more of our process on our Instagram below.